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Living environment is vital to community development. Access to large green areas, gathering places and sociocultural activities contribute to the community’s wellness. In a minority setting, community organization is particularly important. Apart from the aspect of entertainment, which remains important, comes a social, even cultural and identity mission that aims at creating the conditions for the sustainability and development of each community members.

  What is my living environment? 


  • The educational, cultural and sports activities available in French;
  • Gathering places that allow you to connect with other Francophones and Francophiles;
  • Public and community services available in French;
  • Your community organizations and institutions which provide visibility to the Francophonie in the public space;
  • Community engagement and professional developments opportunities available in your language according to your talents and interests.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This survey is only for London and its regions.

We wish to hear from you about your knowledge of available opportunities and your needs to help you fulfill your social, intellectual, cultural and professional potential. 

Your participation to this survey will help gather essential data to develop the services you require.  We invite you, in large numbers, to answer our survey.   

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