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Francophone and Francophile communities in London, Sarnia and their regions are among the most disadvantaged regarding access to health care and wellness services in French. Even though several organizations are identified to offer services in French, obstacles remain thus affecting their capacity to offer services to the population in both official languages.

It is said that that Rome wasn't built in a day. Well, Ontario Francophonie neither. It has survived proudly for more than 400 years and in London, Sarnia and surroundings areas, the Francophone community mobilizes to express its needs in terms of health and wellness. 

Doctors and Specialists

Family Doctors, Allergists, Physiotherapists, Dentists

Mental Health

Substance Abuse, Anxiety Disorders, Learning Difficulties, Various Therapies

Community Services

Respite for Caregivers, Perinatal Services, Youth Centers

Online Survey

We invite you to take several minutes to answer our survey « Health and Wellness in French » and to let us know about: 

  • Your health and your family’s health;
  • Health services in French you would like to receive in your region;
  • Places where you would like to see improvements in the active offer of services in French.

Your participation in this survey will help in gathering essential data to develop services you need.   We invite you to answer to our survey in large numbers between March 23 and May 6 2018. NEW END DATE!

The survey My Health is now closed. You will be able to take the online survey about your living environment soon!

Many winners!

WINNERS of weekly draws of $ 25 Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards
Week 1 : 

  1. C. Paranosic
  2. G.  Leong Son
  3. J. Bouffard
  4. T. Tamilio

Week 2

  1. E. Metsoko
  2. H. Tshikangu
  3. K. Gagnon
  4. P. Davis

Week 3

  1. J. Chalykoff
  2. M. Connor
  3. M. Amor
  4. D. Kabongo

Week 4

  1. A. Whelan
  2. I. LeBlanc
  3. G. Michaud
  4. C. Schyvenaars 


  1. N. Yakovleva
  2. G. Mwizerwa
  3. M. Daigneault
  4. N. Jreissaty

Week 6:

  1. A. Usi 
  2. K. Farag
  3. L. Volquardsen
  4. M. Kaddour

WINNERS  of a large draw of two Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards valued of $ 300 

  1. C. Hernández Villalobos
  2. B. Cavers

Public Meetings

Come talk with us!


Centre Communautaire Régional de London

920, rue Huron, London, ON

Monday April 16  2018

Group 1: 12:00 pm to 1h30 pm

Group 2: 7 pm to 8h30 pm


Centre communautaire

3-901 Promenade Les Rapides

Sarnia,  ON    N7V 6K2

Tuesday April 17

5 pm to 8 pm

Thank you to everyone that took the time to come talk with us.

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