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Prosperity is a key factor for a community’s wellness. In other words, it’s about the capacity to access employment, professional development and career growth opportunities. Since the City of London is a designated area region under the French Language services Act, that designation should bring a series of opportunities giving Francophones and Francophiles the possibility to grow professionally either in French or in English.


The purpose of this section is to obtain:

  • An overview of the job opportunities (in French or bilingual) in the London region
  • A survey of the Francophone and Francophile population needs as well as the needs for a bilingual workforce for companies, organizations and institutions
  • To organize a Bilingual Employment Summit  

Francophone and Bilingual Employment Summit

Join us on October 18, 2018! Save the date.

The Summit will be a great opportunity to reflect on the economic development of your region and to explore the possible matches between the offer and the demand for bilingual jobs, particularly regarding the development of academic, technical and vocational education services in French, to meet bilingual worker needs in the future and to recruit and promote vacant bilingual positions. The Summit will also be a great networking opportunity. 

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Online Survey

For employers and entrepreneurs

This survey aims to identify challenges for employers and job seekers, find hiring solutions that will meet the needs of all parties and reduce the issue of financial hardship among francophone and bilingual workers in several key areas of the economy in the London urban area.

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