Frequently asked questions

What will the information collected be used for?

The collected data will help to have a better idea of the current situation about the available services in French in London, Sarnia and their regions and about the Francophone community’s needs, priorities and aspirations. This information will then allow to develop a community strategic plan. This community strategic plan will set a promising vision for the future and common goals which will help to guide all efforts towards the creation of a vibrant, active and engaged Francophone community.

Furthermore, collected data about the health sector will provide food for thought and will guide The French Language Health Planning Entity Erie St. Clair/South West’s actions to improve access to a variety of quality healthcare services in French for London, Sarnia and their regions. 

Your participation to surveys and public consultations is important to help us to know your needs and your priorities so that we can represent you well and work to build a Francophone community that has the necessary services  to ensure its development. 

Who can participate?

All Francophones and Francophiles of London, Sarnia and their regions are invited to participate. Regardless of your age, your social status, your citizenship, if you are attached to the development of services in French, we wish to hear from you! 

When can I participate?

The initiative takes place in several stages between March and September 2018. Visit these pages for more information:

My Health

My Living Environment

My Career

Why is it important?

Your participation is very important because in joining many Francophones and Francophiles we will demonstrate the importance of developing services in French in the three main sectors of our community:

1. Health and wellness

2. Community life

3. Economic development 

Talk about it! Everyone can answer the surveys online and discuss with us. 

Can you help me go to the consultations?

Contact us and we will be happy to explore transportation options with you. Call us at 519 673-1977

Other questions?

Click here to contact us by e-mail or phone.

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